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Dry All – Yesterday

“Dry All” manufacturer of Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products had a modest beginning in 1990 in Mumbai, then Bombay, India by Sekhani family. It started from a small unit with an idea of creating international standard quality refrigeration and air-conditioning components for the industry in which the family already had a strong presence since 1968. The idea was to manufacture quality components in India for the industry which was completely dependent on imported products from USA and Europe. In the past 3 decades the family run business has grown multi fold by innovation and addition of new products to its ever-increasing product portfolio.

Dry All – Today

Today Dry All employs 150 people in its largely automated 48000 Square Ft manufacturing unit at Dombivali – near Mumbai. The current manufacturing unit was established in 2001 and was designed by professionals to give Dry All the capability to serve its customers with high quality and timely delivered solutions for their HVAC&R Units.

‘Dry All’ product range includes Widest Range of Filter Driers, Accumulators, Oil Separators, Liquid Refrigerant Receivers, Heat Exchangers, Valves & Accessories. These products are compatible with all synthetic and natural Refrigerants.

In the past 5 years Dry All has further invested in R&D and new product development. This has further established their credentials as world class manufacturer of Full Range of HVAC&R Line products.

The focus on creating value added products has resulted in manufacturing of world’s first and only new generation of TW range of Filter Driers with leak detection technology which are capable of finding and pin pointing leaks in any HVAC&R System in fraction of time. Other innovation products are  Oil Separators with Demister Pad to help protect HVAC&R systems with 99% efficiency and  Heat Exchanger Accumulators to eliminate the risk of liquid refrigerants entering the compressor. These are just few of new innovation products mentioned here that add value over standard HVAC&R line products.

Dry All is focused on providing high-quality cost-effective & tested solutions which helps deliver highest quality product and position itself as industry leader.

Dry All is trusted by all leading OEM in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-East, Thailand, China etc. The full range of products are distributed by its trusted wholesalers across India and worldwide.

Dry All – Tomorrow

Dry All’s 2030 vision is to reach a target turnover of 35 million USD with a series of planned expansions in its product range as well as significantly increasing its international presence. The company plans to invest largely in new technology and IOT enabled products to meet the needs of the next generation of HVAC&R systems.

Furthermore, Dry All will actively keep its product range updated and compatible with the introduction of new green refrigerants which aligns with the company’s strategy to reduce greenhouse emissions and the impact of greenhouse effect, thus committing themselves to WE Protect – Earth, System & You.


Dry All pushes the boundaries of the traditional and modern methods of engineering to create new standards and provide better solution to their customers’ needs.

Dry All with its team of highly skilled workforce is capable of recognizing the client’s visions and creating new products to fulfil their requirements.


Dry All vision is to provide customers with accurate solutions right from design till development while achieving unparalleled quality for all products manufactured and delivered. Dry All would like to meet and exceed commitments to all the stakeholders that we serve. We promise to deliver operational excellence throughout the organization and most importantly taking care of the delicate and gentle environment by protecting Earth, System & You which is essential to us and our future generations. Achieving our goals, collectively help us reach our ultimate vision of being a successful organization driven by principles of providing the highest value to its stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We at Dry All always focus on safety, health and environment.


Dry All is committed to protecting HVAC&R Systems with world-class Full range of HVAC&R Line Products. The manufacturing facility is Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge & Non-Air Polluting Unit. Every bit is done to minimize wastage and save energy. Every year on 5th June 2019, World Environment Day saplings are planted by Dry All to add to the green cover required for our earth. Dry All pledges to hold hands together to take this green commitment ahead.


Dry All manufacturers Full range of HVAC&R Line Products. As per international standards to protect the HVAC&R system from contamination, moisture, acids, oil escape, liquid refrigerant surge etc. All components are protection devices for different parts of the unit. All products from Dry All has been upgraded as per industry standards today and the technical team at Dry All is continuously working to meet the challenges of tomorrow by keeping itself update about the future requirements of the industry.


Dry All manufactures Full Range of HVAC&R Line products as per international quality and safety standards. Products have UL certification to prevent any kind of damage to the system and injury to the user. All products are labelled with caution and warning stickers required. Installation manuals and directions have been provided wherever required.

Dry All provides safe & healthy work environment for its staff & workmen, adhering to all statutory regulations. Dry All does not employ child labour and has pledged not to source from any vendors employing child labour.

Blood Donation is one CR activity for which Dry All has always been passionate. We understand that giving just one pint of your blood can help save the lives of three patients and there can be no better donation than this. The process of blood donation takes about an hour. Each Year Dry All conducts a blood donation drive at its Dombivali factory in corporation with TATA Memorial Hospital. The blood collected through this drive helps Cancer Patients at TATA Hospital.


Our highly trained and experienced production operators working on stringent quality assurance systems enables us to deliver defect-free products in shortest time frame. We operate our entire system through the effective implementation of the

There is no substitute to quality and never shall be.

At Dry All “quality” is result of right intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent planning and skilful execution.

With ‘Quality’ at the heart of corporate policy, Dry All has constructed its success in the HVAC&R sector with product quality through process quality.

Dry All is certified by UL under ISO 9001:2015 (File No. A14515) for design, development and manufacturing of Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products.

Dry All Filter Driers, Accumulators and Oil Separators are UL certified as per UL 207 standard for exports to USA / Canada market.

Dry All was quick to support the industry in shifting to high-pressure environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R-410a & R32. Dry All product range is designed and optimized to meet the technical requirements of all new refrigerants available today.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

Dry All is a team of professionals focused on manufacturing highest quality products at a fair value that exceeds customer’s expectations.

Stringent checks and tests are conducted on all incoming raw material, intermediate and finished products to ensure best quality final product. Each process is carefully documented to ascertain consistent and high-quality batches of every production lot. We use the best available testing facilities for conducting physical, electrical, mechanical & other kinds of tests that are required for assuring superior quality products.

A team of trained supervisors and quality control inspectors ensures that the quality is maintained at all the stages of production. Every employee of the company is committed to this pursuit of excellence.

Dry All is committed to help in development of Engineered healthy system for green environment with new refrigerants available today and in near future. Dry All products are REACH & ROHS compliant.



All Filter Driers, Oil Separators and Accumulators are UL certified as per the UL 207 standard for exports to USA / Canada markets and appreciated world over.



Dry All Products are Compatible with new environment-friendly refrigerants like R410A and R32

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