Filter Drier for Bus AC

Receiver Drier for HVAC&R System is a filtering and receiving unit located on the high-pressure side of the HVAC&R Cycle, after the condenser and before the expansion valve.
Dry All Receiver Driers are specially designed Filter Drier with incorporated features of Liquid Refrigerant Receiver. The receiver driers’ primary function is to receive and store refrigerant coming from the condenser. The Receiver Drier will make sure 100% liquid refrigerant is passed ahead on the line to the expansion valve. This is done with the help of a dip tube at the outlet which willalways pick up liquid refrigerant from the bottom of the receiver drier.
The Receiver Drier also includes a desiccant bed, strategically placed at inlet to make sure that 100% refrigerant passes through this bed for moisture and acid adsorption.
Some models are available ex-stock as per our standard design.
However, Receiver Driers can be customized as per customer design to fit into small and compact HVAC&R units.

Customization Available for:

  • Dimension (Diameter: 2.5” to 3.5”, Length: 190 mm to 800 mm)
  • Connection Size: 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”
  • Connection Type: Flare / ‘O’ Ring / ORFS
  • Desiccant Combination – Molecular Sieves & Activated Alumina
  • Mounting Bracket: With or without bracket. Wall & Floor Mounting.
  • With or without liquid Indicator at the outlet
  • With or without spring loading for desiccant
  • With or without dip tube for outlet
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