Oil Separators

Dry All Oil Separators designed to perform the following task

Recommended For:-
Multiple compressor racks for supermarkets and air conditioning, Systems with long refrigerant lines, Systems with inherent oil return problems, Ultra-low temperature systems.

  • Removing Oil from Discharge Line Leads to Improvement in efficiency
  • Maintain Oil Level in Compressor to Prevent Breakdown
  • Reduce Noise and Pulsation at Discharge Side

Key Features:

Unique Construction

  • Only Company to Offer Choices –
    1. Accessible Bolted Flange Type: Ease of Installation
    2. Hermetic Welded Connection type: No Site Abuse
  • Nylock Nut Bolt Type Mounting.
  • Optimally Designed to Minimize Pressure Drop

Dry All Oil Separator Has Up To 95% Efficiency

  • Using Demister Pads, VRF Specific Oil Separators Have 95% Oil Separation Capability.
  • Highly Efficient & Energy Saving

Dry All Oil Separators Have 20% Higher Filter Pocket Area

  • Ensures Superior Oil & Refrigerant Separation
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