Liquid Refrigerant Receivers Bi-Flow Horizontal

Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers are specifically crafted to retain excess liquid that would otherwise accumulate in the Condenser Coil, diminishing the Condenser Coil’s overall size. These receivers also serve as holding tanks during pump-down operations. In standard HVAC&R units, the IN connection allows for free-flowing liquid, while the OUT connection incorporates a lengthy dip tube reaching the bottom level of the vessel.

However, machines employing reversible cycles, such as Heat Pumps or Heating and Cooling air-conditioners, necessitate a modification in Liquid Refrigerant Receiver Design. Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers Bi-Flow Horizontal for Heat Pumps are structured with both IN and OUT connections featuring extended dip tubes of equal length, reaching down to the vessel’s bottom. This design ensures that the liquid line receives liquid refrigerant exclusively in both Heating and Cooling modes.

Recommended for use in the liquid line of Heat Pump (Heating and Cooling) HVAC&R Units, Bi-Flow Liquid Receivers are versatile components. These Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers Bi-Flow Horizontal are compatible with reverse cycle units and double as storage vessels for liquid refrigerant, serving in system pump-downs or as a safety measure to guarantee a constant column of liquid in the liquid line.

Key Features:

  • Capacity Range: From 1 Litre to 60 Litres
  • Available in Vertical & Horizontal Types
  • Connection Types: Solder or/and Rotolock Thread
  • Accessories: Provision for a Pressure Relief Valve, Fusible Plug, Sight Glass, Rotolock Valve
  • Certification: UL & CE (Available on request)
  • Ability to Design & Manufacture Custom-Built Receiver Capacities
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