Accumulator Charge Compensators

In the realm of heat pump applications, the quest for optimal refrigerant levels is paramount for system efficacy. Yet, the shift between cooling and heating modes often leads to a conundrum: the accumulation of excess refrigerant due to heightened temperatures in the suction line. This surplus refrigerant can disrupt system dynamics, causing spikes in discharge pressure and a reduction in heat output, thereby compromising overall performance. However, with the introduction of the Dry All Accumulator Charge Compensator, this challenge finds a viable solution. By adeptly managing refrigerant levels, this innovative component empowers precise control over system operations, fostering efficiency and ensuring seamless transitions between modes. With the Dry All Accumulator Charge Compensator at the helm, maintaining optimal refrigerant levels becomes not just a necessity, but a seamless endeavor, enhancing system performance and longevity with every cycle.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum working pressure: 45 bar.
  • Solid copper solder connection.
  • Minimum pressure drop.
  • The powder-coated surface can survive 500 hours of Salt Spray Test.
  • Designed for use with all HFC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerants excluding R-123.
  • Applicable Medium Temperature: -30ºC to 120ºC.
  • Applicable Ambient Temperature: -30ºC to 55ºC.
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