Crankcase Heaters

Maintaining optimal refrigerant flow in compressors is vital for efficiency and longevity in HVAC&R systems. A common issue is preventing the mixing of lubricant oil and liquid refrigerant, which can diminish performance and cause damage. To tackle this, Crankcase Heaters are commonly used—a type of electric resistance heating element designed to warm the oil within the compressor. By maintaining a consistent temperature of around 30/35°C, these heaters prevent refrigerant from dissolving into the oil, ensuring it remains warmer than the refrigerant circuit. This temperature difference keeps the refrigerant within designated areas like the evaporator and condenser, promoting system efficiency and smooth operation.

Crankcase heaters prevent refrigerant migration into the compressor shell during downtime by utilizing an electric heating element. Powered by electricity, they ensure the compressor oil and refrigerant remain at suitable temperatures. This preheating process facilitated by crankcase heaters aids in easy startup for compressor motors, reducing strain and wear on internal components. Without this heating element, compressors would endure increased stress during startup, potentially leading to premature failure.

Dry All Crankcase Heaters aimed at resolving the abovementioned issue. These crankcase heaters are equipped for all the popular & standard compressors. Build to enhance energy efficiency, prevent oil-refrigerant mixing and provide extended compressor life are its key features.

1. What is a crankcase heater?
In refrigeration and air conditioning systems, maintaining the proper flow of refrigerant within the compressor is crucial for optimizing performance and extending the compressor’s life. One common challenge is preventing the mixing of lubricant oil and liquid refrigerant which can lead to internal damage and reduced efficiency. To overcome such issues crankcase heater is used.

2. How does a crankcase heater work?
A crankcase heater is used to prevent refrigerant from migrating into the shell during the standstill period. They feature a heating element that’s powered by electricity, electricity helps the crankcase heater to produce heat. Crankcase heater brings the fluids to its operating temperature before starting, the compressor motor can start easily where it left from.

3. Why is the installation of a crankcase heater along with compressor is important?
The crankcase heater keeps the refrigerant warm and above the refrigerant boiling point and also keeps the oil in the compressor warm. Without the crankcase heater the compressor would have to work a lot harder during startup which causes wear and tear to the internal parts of the compressor.

4. How do I select right crankcase heater for my compressor?
Available models of Dry All crankcase heater are mentioned in the catalogue along with its equivalent compressor model no, required wattage and voltage.

5. What if more than rated voltage is given to Dry All crankcase heater?
Dry All crankcase heater should be given only its rated voltage, more than rated voltage can cause damage to the component.

6. What is the installation criteria for Dry All crankcase heater?
Dry All crankcase heater should be installed minimum at a height of 50mm from the compressor base (Disc)

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