Suction Line Accumulator

The Function of a Suction Line Accumulator in A Heat Pump or Refrigeration System Is to Catch and Hold Any Unused Portion of The System Charge. The Device Must Also Prevent Liquid Slugging of The Compressor and Excessive Refrigerant Dilution of The Compressor Oil.

Recommended for:-
Suction line accumulators are installed in air conditioning and refrigeration systems where sudden return of liquid down the suction line is possible.

Key Features:

Unique Construction Design

  • Flared Outlet U Tube: Ensures Easy Flow of Refrigerant Back to Compressor.
  • Optimum U Bend Diameter: Ensures Appropriate Pressure Drop.
  • Flexibility of Mounting Either by Flange or Bolt

Model Options

  • Offer Heat Exchanger Type Accumulators
  • Customized Product Can Be Made.
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