Replaceable Filter Drier Core & Filter

Dry All offers universally replaceable high moisture and acid removal capacity Filter Drier Solid Core (48 cubic inch desiccant block) for liquid and suction line.
These cores are suitable for HCFC, HFC, CFC, and HC Refrigerants and are also compatible with Mineral Oil, Polyester Oil, and Alkyl-Benzine Oil
• Dry All molded cores are a composite of carefully selected desiccant material and artfully blended.
• Dry All molded cores providing very high mechanical strength, high filtering capability & outstanding moisture adsorption capacity.
• Solid construction cores are constructed with molecular sieves or/and activated alumina for maximum moisture / acid removal characteristics and filtration for full temperature range.
• All different type of Dry All solid cores has Maximum water adsorption capacity and the ability to remove the products of oil decomposition.
• Dry All Solid cores provide superior liquid line and compressor protection.
• Installation can be completed quickly and easily in a matter of a few minutes.
• Solid cores are individually packed in metal cans, fully activated, and hermetically sealed against moisture, dirt and to preserve freshness.
• Physical dimensions and gasket sets are of a size that permits interchangeability with competitive products and is with the same flow capacity.
The most popular models are:
a) DA-48 -Standard Moisture And Acid Removal Core For Liquid And Suction Line
b) DB-48 – Burnout High Acid And Standard Moisture Removal Core For Suction Line With Fluorinated Refrigerants.
c) DC-48 -High Moisture Removal Capacity Core For Liquid And Suction Line
In some applications, these cores are replaced with filters for clean-up or where pressure drop is a concern. These models are as detailed below:
i) DPE-48-BD – Bi-Directional, High Filtration, Pleated Element Filter For Suction LINE
ii) DSS-48 – Bi-Directional Reusable Stainless-Steel Filter For Suction Line

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