Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Dry All Pressure Relief Valve operates by initiating the opening of its lower stem when the upstream pressure surpasses the closing force of the spring. This permits the passage of flow via the valve, with the flow rate increasing in tandem with the rise in upstream pressure.

Intended for application within refrigeration systems, Dry All’s Pressure Relief Valve serves to prevent over-pressure occurrences resulting from system malfunctions or elevated external temperatures. These valves are exclusively suitable for use with refrigerant gases or vapors. Our PRVs are meticulously crafted and engineered in accordance with the specifications outlined in ASME VIII Division 1 standard.

  1. What is a pressure relief valve?
    Ans: A pressure relief valve is a safety device that protects equipments and systems from overpressure by releasing excess pressure to prevent damage or failure.
  2. How does a pressure relief valve work?
    Ans: Pressure relief valves operate by using a spring-loaded mechanism to open when the pressure inside the system exceeds a predetermined set point. This allows excess pressure to be released until the pressure returns to a safe level.
  3. Why are pressure relief valves important?
    Ans: Pressure relief valves are crucial for preventing catastrophic failures due to overpressure. They ensure that pressure doesn’t exceed safe limits in equipment
  4. How do I select the right pressure relief valve for my system?
    Ans: To select the right valve, consider factors such as the maximum allowable working pressure, the type of fluid, temperature, and flow rate or consult Dry All team
  5. What are the values of pressure range and temperature range for Dry All’s pressure relief valve?
    Ans: All Dry All Pressure Relief Valves are designed and manufactured to the intent of standard ASME VIII Division 1
    Set Pressure Range = 14 to 31 bar (200 psi to 400 psi)
    Allowable Operating Temperature = -20°C to + 200°C
  6. Can Dry All manufacture a customized Pressure Relief Valve?
    Ans: Yes. Dry All can manufacture customized pressure relief valve with connection size as per Customer request.
  7. Can pressure relief valves leak?
    Ans: Some minimal leakage might occur, but pressure relief valves are designed to minimize leakage when properly maintained and installed.
  8. Are pressure relief valves a replacement for pressure regulation devices?
    Ans: No, pressure relief valves are primarily for safety purposes and are not intended to regulate pressure. Pressure regulation requires separate devices.
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