Liquid Refrigerant Receivers Bi-Flow Vertical

Liquid Refrigerant Receivers are designed to hold excess liquid that would otherwise back up in the Condenser Coil and essentially reduce the size of the Condenser Coil.
During pump down, Receivers also act as a holding tank.
Receivers in standard HVAC&R units will have the IN connection as free flowing and the OUT connection will have a long dip tube which goes up to the bottom level of the vessel.
But machines designed with reversible cycles also called as Heat Pumps or Heating and Cooling air-conditioners need a change in Liquid Refrigerant Receiver Design.
Receivers for the Heat Pump are designed with both IN and OUT connections having a long dip tube of the same length going up to the bottom of the vessel.

This design makes sure that in both cases (Heating or Cooling) the liquid line will receive liquid refrigerant only.

Recommended For
Bi-Flow Liquid Receivers are designed for installation in the liquid line of the Heat Pump (Heating and Cooling) HVAC&R Units.
These Bi-Flow Receivers can work in a reverse cycle unit and also acts as a storage vessel for liquid refrigerant either for system pump downs or as a safeguard to ensure that a solid column of liquid is always available in the liquid line.

Key Features:

  • Capacity Range: From 1 Litre to 60 Litres
  • Available in Vertical & Horizontal Type.
  • Connection Type: Solder or/and Rotolock Thread
  • Accessories: Provision for a Pressure Relief valve, Fusible Plug, Sight Glass, Rotolock Valve
  • Certificate: UL & CE (Available on request)
  • Ability to Design & Manufacture Custom Built Capacities of Receivers
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