Refrigerant Recovery Machine

  • A Refrigerant recovery Machine in simple words is a device used to remove refrigerant from an HVAC&R system.
  • An HVAC&R system is bound to have leakages and repairs of said Leakages,

During which the refrigerant needs to be removed from the system.

  • Due to the environmental pollution as well as damage to ozone layer caused by the release of refrigerants into the environment, the refrigerant cannot be released into the environment.
  • This lead to development of Refrigerant recovery machine to store and recovery the refrigerant from the system.


  • When a recovery machine is hooked up to the Schraeder valves on the air conditioning system, it creates a vacuum and sucks all the Refrigerant out of the system, cleanses it through a filter and stores it in a storage tank.
  • When the repair to the system is complete, the machine will vacuum the system down to rid it of all moisture and air. As the air and moisture can damage the system.
  • After the system is free of air and moisture, the technician will then fill the system with required amount of Refrigerant needed in the system.

Products used in Refrigerant Recovery unit:

  • Filter Drier
  • Oil Separator
  • Accumulator
  • Accessories like Moisture liquid indicator
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