Coalescent Oil Separator (CTOS)

Let us delve into the pivotal role of oil separators within HVAC&R systems. These essential components ensure the smooth operation of these systems by efficiently extracting oil from discharged refrigerants, thus optimizing oil return to compressors. At the forefront of this technology are the Dry All Coalescent Oil Separators, integral to the CTOS Series. Distinguished by their utilization of cutting-edge advancements, these separators boast unparalleled efficacy in oil separation. By harnessing a high-purity borosilicate glass fibre filter media, they effortlessly capture even the most minuscule oil molecules. Through the strategic promotion of collisions and subsequent aggregation, these minute molecules coalesce into larger droplets, naturally guiding the oil back to the compressor through the force of gravity. This innovative methodology yields remarkable oil separation efficiencies ranging from 95% to 99%, a stark contrast to conventional oil separators whose efficiencies hover between 75% and 85%.

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