Solenoid Valve SVR Series

Dry All offers wide range of Solenoid Valves designed for diverse industrial applications such as air, water, and other fluids used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, particularly when dealing with fluorinated refrigerants like HCFC, HFC, and HFO.

These Solenoid valves come in a wide variety, offering different outputs, operating pressures and temperatures, connections, couplings, and coil types. They can function with standard voltages and are compatible with a range of output options.

One of the current available models is the DA-SVR solenoid valve, which can be either direct-operated or servo-operated and is suitable for controlling one-directional flow.

The DA-SVR solenoid valve finds its application in the Liquid, Air Suction, or Vapour Line of Freezers, Cold Stores, and Air Conditioning units.

The DA-SVR solenoid valve’s valve seat guarantees good sealing performance and a reliable seal.

Furthermore, these solenoid valves can be obtained with various voltage solenoid coils to meet different requirements.

Notably, Dry All provides the option to choose between Packed (Valve Body + Solenoid) and Separated (Valve Body or Separated) Model DA-SVR solenoid valves. This means that the valve body can be supplied independently from the solenoid, offering greater flexibility in installation and maintenance.

1. Is the Dry All Solenoid Valve normally open or normally closed?
Ans: It is normally closed (NC) position when there is no power to the valve.
2. How to turn on a solenoid valve?
Ans: Connect the solenoid valve to its rated AC voltage, when current passes through the solenoid, the magnetic field is generated around the coil and this activates the coil
3. What is the duty cycle of the valve?
Ans: The valve has a 100% duty cycle and is rated for continuous duty. It is always in the open position when the power is supplied.
4. How fast does the valve open and close?
Ans: The valve opens instantly when the power is supplied and closes in no time when the power is disconnected.
5. What is the maximum working pressure of Dry All Solenoid Valves?
Ans: Max. working pressure of each & every Dry All solenoid valve is 45 Bar.
6. Can the valve be used for high viscous fluids?
Ans: Dry All solenoid valves are only applicable for HCFC and HFC refrigerants.
7. At what voltage the valve will operate?
Ans: Dry All solenoid valves are operated at AC 380V and AC 220V and 50Hz frequency.

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