Liquid Refrigerant Receivers

Liquid Refrigerant Receivers designed to Hold Excess Liquid That Would Otherwise Back Up in The Condenser Coil and Essentially Reduce the Size of The Condenser Coil. During Pump Down, Liquid Refrigerant Receiver Act as Holding Tank.

Recommended For

Designed for installation in the liquid line of any refrigeration or air conditioning application which requires a storage vessel for liquid refrigerant either for system pump downs or as a safeguard to ensure that a solid column of liquid is in the liquid line.

Key Features:

Ability to Design & Manufacture Custom Built Capacities of Receivers

  • Dry All Receivers Capacity Range: 1 Liters To 60 Liters

Multiple Options

  • Vertical Type & Horizontal Type Receivers.
  • With & Without Rotolock Valve Connections Type Receivers.

Vertical Type

Horizontal Type

Vertical Type

Horizontal Type

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